SATURDAY, APR 13 7:30PM - OCT 13access_time1h 30m
Table Radica: Habib
Poppy Seed Lab, Amitesh Grover, Sarah Mariam & Bela Gulab Juhi Champa Chameli
#performance #hindustani #urdu #tastersmenu #immersive

In an immersive experience with food, documents, found footage, and music, all sorts of stimuli are brought to a community table to touch, taste, see, or hold. An intimate audience is invited to become visitors, friends, tasters, and witnesses to a radical life led on stage and beyond. This first episode of Table Radica presents the life, loves, and food of Habib Tanvir, an iconic Urdu and Hindi playwright, a director, poet and actor of the modern theatre in India, a man of the world. Ages 16+

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