Ek Baar Ki Baat Hai: Manto | Bedi | Kamleshwar
Presented by Jashn-E-Qalam
#performance #storytelling #hindustani

If there was a way to live the words on a page, it would be through the age old medium of storytelling. Stage and screen actors, render the piquant observations of Manto, the fascinations of Rajinder Singh Bedi and the wry humor of Kamleshwar through solo performances of their short stories. Traverse the Arab gully of South Bombay to meet the dreaded Bhai, listen to a doting grandmother worry about the marr...(more)

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Ek Baar Ki Baat Hai: Bokhari | Chughtai | Rajendra Yadav
Presented by Jashn-E-Qalam
#performance #storytelling #hindustani

Storytellers bring alive the short stories of Rajendra Yadav, Ismat Chughtai and Patras Bokhari with characteristic brilliance. From a husband & father’s battle with the gnawing pangs of doubt & deceit, to a ‘touch-me-not’s’ fateful journey on a train, to the roller-coaster ride of friendship & betrayal, these eternal classics hit all the right notes. Enacted by Rajesh Kumar, Shashwita Sharma, and KC Shanka...(more)

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Cocktail Mixing Workshop: American Whiskies & Bourbon
By Tulleeho
#workshop #cocktails

Facilitator Susan Dias (Director, Native Brews, Mumbai), will introduce participants to the basics of a home bar, including set up equipment, beverage and glass selection and finally mixology. bourbon cocktails. Over the course of 90 minutes, participants will explore Bourbon and Tennessee classics - Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's, and learn how to make 3 whiskey cocktails. Susan will guide participants with i...(more)

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Loose Woman a.k.a. A Deep Fried Jam
By Maya Krishna Rao
FRIDAY, SEP 14 7:30PM - SEP 16
#performance #theatre #music #cabaret

Imagine a solo cabaret that harnesses the histrionics of Kathakali, soundscapes from live musicians and satirical political commentary on a single runway. In Loose Woman, Maya Rao reflects on current affairs and history, using theatre, dance, projection and music. Expect vignettes laced with irony and humour serving up some pertinent and thought-provoking questions. For ages 16 and above. Sound designers an...(more)

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