Anhad+Tanner & Samar Mehdi: Homebound Sit Down Session
By Worker Bee
#performance #music #singersongwriter #composer #electronica

Three artists, two sets: Homebound Session brings together Anhad + Tanner & Samar Mehdi in an evening of soulful music. Duo Anhad + Tanner mix Asian underground sounds, Indian electronica, and contemporary jazz to create cinematic music. Bhopal based singer-songwriter Samar Mehdi, known for his poetic Urdu lyrics and skilled percussive guitar work, will be opening the show.// About Homebound Session: Someti...(more)

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OddLab: Cat's Cradle & Becoming
Performed by Vaishnavi Mannava & Greeny Francis, and Samara Chopra
#performance #oddlab #dance #contemporary

OddLab is an initiative to make experimental pieces accessible to curious audiences. "Cat's Cradle" is performed with a single rope hung from the ceiling, two bodies leverage each other's weight to form knots and patterns. One's focus is drawn to the movement of the rope in an almost hypnotic exercise. "Becoming", the second piece, is an ongoing enquiry and search for a form. Potential formations emerge onl...(more)

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Enacted by Vicky Ahuja, Shashwita Sharma & K C Shankar
FRIDAY, MAR 8 7:30PM - MAR 10
#performance #theatre #storytelling #hindustani #literature #hindi #urdu

Relationships feed our lives. Whether it’s between people, with ideas, or with ourselves, relationships bring meaning to our intertwined experiences. Explore this complexity & richness through solo performances of timeless hindustani short stories. In Premchand's 'Bade Bhaisahab', two brothers are in arms against each other and the education system. Kamleshwar's 'Story' looks at the self and the other thro...(more)

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Amarrass Nights: Barmer Boys
Supported by Amarrass Records
#performance #music #folk #rajasthani #manganiar

The Barmer Boys are a trio of next generation torch-bearers of Rajashtani Manganiyar music. Characterised by their guttural baritones, they interweave soulful Sufi kalaams with celebratory Sindhi folk tunes. Manganiars are a muslim community of hereditary musicians who trace their ancestry to the Rajput kingdoms. Retaining this medieval tradition, the Barmer Boys generate a rustic, earthy sound with familia...(more)

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Songbird Sessions #7: Lifafa and Dee En
Presented by Pagal Haina
#performance #music #electronic

Songbird Sessions #7 will feature two distinct performances by Lifafa & Dee En. Previewing songs from their upcoming record, Poppin Ep', set to release on 18 March 2019, pop reinventors, Dee En, will present a show of noisy secrets & sugar melodies as they take you on a journey through a sploosh splash of colours. Following Dee En, Lifafa - the solo electronic project of PCRC frontman Suryakant Sawhney - wi...(more)

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