Rage and Beyond: Irawati's Gandhari
Sanjukta Wagh, Hitesh Dhutia, Deepa Dharmadhikari & Beej, Mumbai
#performance #dance #theatre #kathak #multilingual

Based on Irawati Karve's Yuganta, this beautiful dance-drama interprets the Mahabharata from the blindfolded kaurav queen, Gandhari's perspective. A solo performance that combines kathak, text and guitar, this two-time Meta Awardee thoughtfully weaves together distinct and unique staging elements. The narrative proceeds through relationships, internal dilemmas and the wholly human motives of this mythological character, underscored by nuanced use of the red blindfold. Ages 10+

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SUNDAY, OCT 20 4PM & 7:30PM
Sanjukta Wagh, Shruthi Vishwanath, Hitesh Dhutia, Vinayak Netke, Deepa Dharmadhikari & Beej, Mumbai
#performance #dance #theatre #music #multilingual

Kathak and contemporary movement embody the mystic voices of bhakti poetry in this dance-theatre piece. An abstract interplay of sound and movement progresses into storytelling with song, dance and abhinaya. Voice and improvised guitar are punctuated by tabla and ghungroos in a musical score adapted from arrangements of the Gundecha Brothers and Kumar Gandharva. Using metaphors the poems offer: the cloth, the boat and the body, Jheeni celebrates the rich philosophies of devotion. Ages 10+

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