FRIDAY, JUN 21 10AM - JUN 23
Saying Yes - An Improv Workshop on Mental Health
Facilitated by Varoon P. Anand
#workshop #theatre #improvisation #mentalhealth

An introduction to the basics of improvisation, this workshop focuses on the simple act of saying "yes" as a way to heighten self awareness and acceptance. It creates a safe and fun space to observe and enhance your own thoughts, behaviors, abilities and mental wellness. Often limited as merely a comedic performance medium, improv also has far reaching effects on life skills like patience, perseverance, hope and trust. Participants can come for one day or all three. For ages 16 and above.

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FRIDAY, JUN 21 7:30PM - JUN 23
Unravel - An Improv Show
Directed by Varoon P. Anand, Presented by Kaivalya Plays
#performance #theatre #improv #english #hindi

Unravel is an interactive theatre ​production bringing experiences with mental health and wellness to the fore. The ensemble uses spontaneous improv, theatre exercises and audience suggestions to devise the final performance on the spot. What follows is a candid and light hearted sharing from the room at large, that offers an approachable perspective on emotional challenges that are often intimidating or stigmatized. For ages 16 and above.

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