The Un-Recital
by Sahil Vasudeva, A Moose Productions presentation
FRIDAY, APR 20 7:30PM - APR 21
#performance #piano #theatre #classical
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Last April, Sahil Vasudeva brought us one of our most moving and unique performances at the theatre. This special piece is back for three more showings. Amongst the country’s best-regarded classical musicians, Sahil breaks away from a traditional concert recital to offer classical music within a personal context. By incorporating mixed media and an introspective narrative, 'The Un-Recital' looks at his jour...(more)

A Two-Day Tinkering Workshop
By ShoeBox Labs
#workshop #play #children

The two-day workshop uses play and explorations to incite curiosity and learning. Hands-on activities with materials, circuits, mechanical parts will help children understand concepts at the intersection of science, art and technology. In a fun and accessible format, it will introduce them to a variety of knowledge areas including motion, movement, motors, and circuits. Children will learn to question, expe...(more)

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By Omaggio Performing Company
FRIDAY, APR 27 7:30PM - APR 29
#performance #dance #aerialarts #mime

Jalika is a dance & mime performance that fuses contemporary movement and aerial art. With fluid choreography, and an interplay of lights and costumes, Omaggio creates a beautiful physical world that reflects the metaphorical web of our lives. The title Jalika is adapted from the Hindi word for veil or web,(jaal), and explores the conflict between self-identity and self-image. Omaggio is a Goa-based interdi...(more)

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The Gathered Leaves
Presented by Ruchika Theatre Group
FRIDAY, MAY 4 7:30PM - MAY 6
#performance #theatre #hindi

A moving and funny family drama that sees the weight of history, of reputation, and of expectation, all descend on one family over a weekend. Originally written by English actor & playwright Andrew Keatley, and adapted to the Indian context by celebrated director Feisal Alkazi, The Gathered Leaves brings three generations of the family together in the same room after seventeen years. Everyone intent on putt...(more)

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By D for Drama
THURSDAY, MAY 10 7:30PM - MAY 13
#performance #theatre #english #hindi

A META Awardee for the Best Original Script in 2017, Dhumrapaan is comedy about the proverbial rat race, how we cope with it and the toll it takes on our throat and lungs. It is set in the smoking area of corporate building and follows the lives of a few employees as they agonise and exalt over appraisals, politics, and relationships. Featuring Kumud Mishra and Shubhrajyoti Barat with Abhishek Saha, Ghansh...(more)

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