Third Space Collective | Neel Sengupta
THURSDAY, NOV 22 7:30PM - NOV 25
#performance #theatre #hindi #darkcomedy

In a small North Indian town absorbed in Navratra festivities, a beguiling event turns everyone’s world upside-down. Rumour has it that the townspeople are transforming into mythical beasts called Mahish. Eugene Ionesco's play Rhinoceros is reimagined in an Indian socio-political context. A dark comedy that challenges the audience and commonly accepted cultural narratives, Mahish is marked by its twisted st...(more)

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Dekh Behen
Akvarious Productions
#performance #theatre #hindi #english

Merely hours before their mandatory dance number, five bridesmaids gather to vent their frustrations and drink away their woes. What follows is a hilarious drama that reinterprets relationships between women. After opening to packed houses in Mumbai this situational comedy about a big fat Delhi wedding returns to OddBird Theatre. For ages 18 and above.

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Black Hole
Devised & Performed by Jyoti Dogra
FRIDAY, DEC 7 7:30PM - DEC 9
#performance #theatre #experimental

Jyoti Dogra, on stage alone with a single white sheet, tells the story of a woman grappling with her dying mother and her domestic relationship. Quantum physics, art and philosophy are masterfully woven together in this minimalist experimental performance - capturing all the angst and beauty of dealing with the unknown. What unfolds on stage is a stream of consciousness straddling dreams and reality with an...(more)

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Louise Burns and I.M.U.R.
Presented by Mixtape
#music #electronic #canadian #english

I.M.U.R. is a three-piece electronic R&B band from Vancouver - known for their bass heavy beats and sultry r&b vocals. Louise Burns is a singer-songwriter also from Canada. An acclaimed solo musician and multi-instrumentalist, her music is popularly described as having equal parts grit and gloss. Mixtape presents both these artists showcasing their individual sets. Prepare for a relaxed evening of dancing w...(more)

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