Questioning Frontality
Presented by Vyuti Dance Company
FRIDAY, FEB 8 7:30PM - FEB 10
#performance #dance #bharatnatyam #contemporary

Questioning Frontality is a gripping Bharatnatyam dance performance which introduces elements of eye contact, bodily touch and floor work in a departure from traditional staccato movement of bodies. The dancers also converse with audience members and the choreography and staging is designed to create multiple fronts of viewing as opposed to just one. Technique and form is broken down to basics and then rebu...(more)

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OddLab: Momentum by CocoonDance company
Supported by Pro Helvetia, New Delhi
#performance #dance #contemporary #oddlab

OddLab is an initiative for experimental performances to be shared with curious audiences. 'Momentum' is a contemporary dance piece that explores the idea of modernism through the continuous increase in the pace of life. The dancers slowly build the movement, starting from just lying on the floor to jerky, animalistic and almost aggressive. The audience finds themselves pulled along, and participating in t...(more)

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