Projects are on hold, performance spaces are closed, and planning seems speculative. We wanted to put together an initiative that encourages continued creation of artistic work, within confines - literal and otherwise.

13 teams of artists, dancers, musicians and thespians, will be picking up a camera and exploring video as a medium - creating short films using footage shot over the next few days; some marrying their performance work with film, others venturing into new expression. The foundation has disbursed small honorariums to each creator, which have been further pledged by them in support of the larger community hit especially hard right now.

Some of these films are below. In the meantime please do follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our endeavours.

Dilli Kiski Hoti Hai? Poetry, Visual Art and Music come together in a stirring and evocative film, for the thousands that walked from Delhi to their homes. [3 mins]

Corona Cam is strangely beautiful, intimate and tactile journey - a microscope lens and home quarantine allows for new light to be shed on the small mundane things that surround us. [5 mins]

Aditi Mangaldas, the renowned Kathak dancer and choreographer explores how time seems warped in these times, with past/present/future becoming amorphous, as though their linearity and circularity no longer exists. [8 mins]

Aranyani, a dancer, a young mother, explores her day through a lens. Possibilities for creating crop up in mundane and inspiring ways; and she finds that dance permeates every moment. [10 mins]

Private Language Argument captures loss, longing and solitude in a few short words. Part of the "Speaking in Tongues" series by Tadpole Repertory which blurs the line between theatre and film. [1 min]